West Michigan has been hit with a large amount of precipitation over that last few weeks which has caused the Grand River to overflow its banks.  One brave family decided to take to Riverside Park and explore the damage done by the flood water.

Reddit user, photonerdo, shot the video on Saturday and said that the water levels have risen another two feet since then.  If you are concerned about the kids playing in flood water, you shouldn't be.  The dad explained that he was wearing waders and would carry the kids out to the playgrounds so they didn't have to get in the dirty water.

Just a quick Public Service Announcement:  Don't go into the river while its flooded, the current is fast and the water is dirty.

This is the first time since 2013 that the Grand River has reached flood stages.  According to WZZM 13, the water level will peak at 17.7 feet this afternoon (Monday, April 10).

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