The Kent County Road Commission has shared a list of roads in the area closed due to flooding.

Sunday and Monday, the National Weather Service issued flood warnings for much of West Michigan. Tuesday, they have updated the alert to say that flooding continues:

Heavy rainfall has resulted in significant flooding for parts of the area, with numerous road closures, basement flooding, and sharp rises on rivers, creeks, and streams. Another one to two inches of rain is possible through tonight, mainly east of a line from Big Rapids to Grand Rapids to Battle Creek. River flooding will persist through most of the week even after the rain ends Tuesday.

The Kent County Road Commission says the below roads will reopen as conditions allow.

If a road is temporarily closed, it is unsafe to pass. You are asked to adhere to the warning signs.

If you cannot see the surface of the road, but only water over it, turn around and find an alternate route.

The Kent County Road Commission will be updating these closures on their Facebook page and website.

  • Konkle at Jupiter
  • Riverpoint at Indian
  • Bailey Park at Purchase
  • Canright at Briggs
  • 4 Mile Rd at Briggs
  • Reeds Lake Blvd at East Beltline (2 locations)
  • Reeds Lake Blvd at Hall
  • Reeds Lake Blvd at Manhattan
  • Peach Ridge Ave from 8 Mile Rd to 9 Mile Rd
  • Division Ave from 7 Mile Rd to Hayes St
  • McPherson between Alden Nash Ave and Lincoln Lake Ave
  • McPherson between Parnell and Alden Nash Ave
  • Conservation between Fero and McCabe Ave
  • 68th St between Pratt Lake and Wingeier
  • Pratt Lake between 64th St and 68thSt
  • Cherry Valley between 76th St and 84thSt
  • Coldwater between 100th St and 108thSt
  • 60th St between M-50 and Bancroft
  • Ashley between Beardsley and 11 Mile Rd
  • Ashley between 10 Mile Rd and 11 Mile Rd
  • Ashley between M-44 and 7 Mile Rd
  • 7 Mile Rd between Ashley and Lincoln Lake Ave
  • Tiffany between 5 Mile Rd and 6 Mile Rd
  • 18 Mile Rd between Simmons and White Creek Ave
  • Summit between 12 Mile Rd and 13 Mile Rd
  • Division between Fonger and 11 Mile Rd
  • Friske between 12 Mile Rd and Rector
  • 15 Mile Rd between Wabasis and Ashley
  • Grosvenor west of Ritchie
  • Ritchie between 19 Mile Rd and Egner
  • Division between 19 Mile Rd and Sherwin
  • Nugent between 9 Mile Rd and 10 Mile Rd
  • Mowery between Lehman and Tisdel
  • 12 Mile Rd between Summit and Northland Dr
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