Being a twin, I should know these things.  Research suggest that babies are born with a predisposition to dance.

Really?  I don't know.  My brother and I liked to dance...a little...but our wives say we need help, so I'm not sure we 'got-the-word.'

Maybe we were born with the dance gene, but we lost it somewhere along the line.

Not so with these nine-month old twins. They just can’t help but get down when they hear one of their toys play the song ‘It’s a Small World.’ Get ready to smile.

What a dance club their living room turned out to be.  And what’s so great about their hypnotic dance is that anyone can do it.  Even my brother and I could have done that.  Too bad, though, that we didn't have all the fancy electronic toys kids have today.  We didn't have a TV, I know that.  I just can't remember if electricity had been discovered yet, or not.

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