With Michigan's Stay-at-home order, you've been able to leave your house and go for walks or to state parks or just stand in your yard, as well as essential trips as long as you practice social distancing and as of Friday, wearing a face mask.

With that said, Latoya Brunwell posted on Facebook Saturday night that in the Belknap Lookout area of Grand Rapids she and her family she's "staying at home" with, were in the front yard playing and dancing when a neighbor called the police.

Latoya posted the video of what happened when GRPD officer Flores showed up on the scene. Spoiler alert, he didn't do what the neighbor who called to report Latoya's family was hoping.

He instead jumped into their #SomethingNew challenge video and they all killed it!

As you can see, Officer Flores had a mask on and kept his social distance from everyone. Good to see everyone having a moment of fun.

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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