If you're sick of the Kardashians, you're not alone. I'm joining you, along with an Orlando, Florida TV host.Good Day Orlando co-host John Brown had enough of the famous family and walked off the set of a live broadcast last Friday because he was asked to report that Kylie Jenner has a new rabbit named "Bruce."



In case you didn't catch it, Brown said, "I am having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today. You are on your own, Amy. I can't do it." A replacement anchor quickly filled in, but Brown continued his rant off-camera, shouting, "I don't care about this family. I’m sick of this family. It’s a non-story!"

He posted video of the rant on Facebook and wrote, "Sorry I lost my mind a bit, although it was partially in jest! I did feel better though after I was done, though."

I know that I'm totally finished with the Kardashians.  What about you?



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