I didn't need a study to know this; my 83 year old mom has been telling me it for years.  She never sits down, walks 3 miles a day, climbs 3-4 flights of stairs, and doesn't need any medications.  A new study suggests that this may be one of the reasons for her good health.  The study said, those who spend 11 or more hours a day sitting are about 40 percent more likely to die over the next three years, and it doesn't really matter how physically active they are otherwise.

222,000 people were studied and surveyed.  They were 45 years old and older.  Australian researchers have found that mortality risks spike after 11 hours of total daily sitting but are actually higher for those sitting between 8 and 11 hours.  That is compared to those sitting fewer than 4 hours per day.

Average adults spend about 90 percent of their relaxing time sitting down in front of the television and fewer than half meet the World Health Organization's recommendation for two and a half hours of  moderate-intensity physical activity each week.

Researchers suggest, that since so many people sit for long hours at their jobs, they should make sure a larger  portion of their relaxation time is spent standing, walking or engaging in other movement.  When I think about friends I have that are healthy this is the way they live their life.  They don't sit down until it's time to come inside, shower and go to bed.  The only time they stop is when they are sleeping.
We, the family, use to kid my mom about that; call her the Energizer Bunny.  Guess the joke is on us, because she is reaping the reward of watching her weight, her diet and and engaging in physical activity.  She keeps her mind busy too.  She always says like likes to keep moving!  No researchers can back up what I've been told my whole life.  Guess mom