When I saw this, I knew it was too cute not to share.

Meet Gohan the husky and his new best friend - a baby chick. 

Gohan's person explains via YouTube:

Who would've thought to see a husky and a baby chicken be friends? Just wanted to share this story with you guys! I found this baby chick on the streets with no mother all lonely so I decided to take the baby chick home and take care of it till I take it to a bird shelter. Of course when I took it home, Gohan was so curious. So I let him get close to the chick and he didn't seem to do anything. Friendly as can be. I always had an eye on them just incase so don't worry. They seem to become great friends. The chick is now at a shelter being helped. Hope you enjoyed this little story!

I want to know where this guy lives where abandoned baby chicks roam the streets! I might need to move there.

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