A yacht owned by the voice of 'Pure Michigan' himself, Tim Allen, shut down a northern Michigan marina over the busy holiday weekend.

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Tim Allen's Yacht Spill Shuts Down Marina In Michigan

The actor's yacht was spilling the fuel into the marina due to a faulty fuel filter issue as it pulled into the marina on Sunday afternoon.

Diesel Spill Shuts Down Northport Marina North Of Traverse City

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According to the Traverse City Record-Eagle, Allen was unaware that the yacht was leaking diesel fuel into the harbor & marina until bystanders made him aware. He says that he felt uncomfortable about what happened:

I felt very uncomfortable closing the harbor down for everybody.


Diesel Spill On Grand Traverse Bay shoreline of the Leelanau Peninsula

Officials used absorbent pads to help clean up the spill and the marina opened back up on Monday night after shutting down on Sunday afternoon.

But some online noted that the officials looked like they were simply using paper towels on the spill.

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How Much Diesel Spilled in Grand Traverse Bay?

Marina Park and Bayfront park were also closed due to the diesel spill, which according to officials, caused about 30-50 gallons of diesel to be spilled into the harbor. They are also later opened on Monday.


Will Tim Allen Have To Pay For The Diesel Spill Cleanup?

Allen will be expected to front the cost of cleaning up the spill but isn't expected to face any charges or fines as the spill was accidental.

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