Military service animals have a longstanding history of taking care of our service men and women overseas without complaining even a titter. Maybe that’s because they don’t speak English, or maybe it’s because they’re the best darn soldiers the military has ever seen. Either way, they’re not only adorable little tramps, they’re also brave animals who risked life and limb to take care of the people that they loved. has created a list of some pretty heroic animals. Some gave their lives for their country, some survived the most heinous terrorist attack on American soil, and they were all handsomely awarded for their valor.

The featured image is Treo, who helped uncover a number of IEDs during his time serving in Helmand Province, an insurgency hot spot. His success at detecting IEDs did not go unnoticed by the insurgents, and intercepted radio traffic included conversations about "the black dog."

Nils Olav might have more qualifications than anyone we know. He's a a high-ranking commander of the Norwegian Royal Guard with the official title of Colonel in Chief Sir Nils Olav.

Guide dogs Salty and Roselle were with their owners during the 9/11 attacks. They each successfully guided their owners out of the burning towers before they collapsed, feats which were later recognized when they were awarded the Dickin Medal.

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