published an article about obsolescence, businesses and things that have been a part of our lives for years, but because of emerging technologies, changing shopping/dining habits, are going away, never to be seen again. Our world is changing at a record pace.

For example, we all remember Video stores, Blockbuster, Believe in Music, Family Video, etc. They're mostly all gone. On Demand answers your movie needs today.

There are so many things on the Kiplinger list that they predict will be in our rear view mirror soon.

And, I found myself, not thinking forward to all the changes coming our way, but thinking backward about how time and "progress" have changed Grand Rapids.  Tell you what I miss. Many of the restaurants, movie theaters and stores that we grew up with. They're "things of the past."

For shopping/theater's, etc. There was Steketee's, downtown,

GR Retro

Rogers Department Store, Wurzburg's, Herpolsheimer's, Mays of Michigan, Houseman's. And, of course, for movies, there was only one place to go, Studio 28! I miss it.

GR Retro

Remember "The Schnitz," Schnitzelbank restaurant. It opened in 1934, closing in 2006. How about Savory Street, opening in the 1970s. Located on 28th Street, it was known for live jazz music. I loved that place. Rosie's Diner, Great Lakes Shipping Company, Farrell's Ice Cream Parlour, always tons of fun, Mr. Fables, Mr. Steak, Howard Johnson, and so many more.

What have I missed? Anything come to mind?