I'm a Yooper, born and raised. And as such, I was basically born with a pasty in my hand, so I was pretty pumped to learn that there's another place to pick up a pasty right here in Grand Rapids!

Previously, the only places I had found that offer my favorite food from my motherland were Marie Catrib's (but only on Tuesdays), Riverhouse Ada, and frozen at some Meijer stores in the area. But now, you can also get them cooked or frozen at any Grand Traverse Pie Company location!

The new GT Beef Pasty features a handcrafted crust wrapped around a filling of ground beef, potatoes, rutabaga, carrots and onion. It's legit. It's authentic. I haven't tried one yet, but I'm pretty excited to.

Stores will serve cooked pasties with a side of either gravy or ketchup (I'm a gravy girl, some prefer ketchup. Those that prefer ketchup are wrong.) They will also have frozen pasties that you can take home and bake.

Don't know what a pasty is? What is wrong with you?!? A pasty (pronounced pas-TEE) has been a part of Upper Peninsula history for a long time, and was a favorite of copper mine workers in the U.P., because it's pretty portable, and also pretty filling.

The GT Beef Pasty will cost you $5.99, but prices can vary by location.

You know who's bad at pronouncing the word "pasty", people from Colorado. Watch them attempt it in the video below.


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