I read that headline and actually laughed out loud.  We needed a study to confirm this?  Of course there are always exceptions to this rule.  There are those who are wealthy, altruistic and philanthropic, but I do believe that they are in the minority.  The wealthy have a sense of entitlement.  Take a look at investment bankers, the people who got our country into the jam we're in right now.  It's all about greed and a sense of entitlement.  When we bailed them out we gave them a nod that we indeed are stupid and can be taken advantage of easily.  That is the way the average man is viewed by a greedy person.

In a recent study it confirmed the fact that the wealthy really are different than the rest of us.  They are wired differently.  They are more apt to commit unethical acts because their motivating factor is greed and a lack of conscience.  Scientists have found a pretty direct profile of exactly what makes the wealthy tick.  It's not a pretty picture but see if the patterns are familiar and remind you of anyone you know?