I wrote a blog about this earlier in the year, but it's finally a reality.  After months of work, John Ball Zoo is about to open its newest attraction. The Funicular, which is the first of its kind in Michigan, should be running this week.

It's a really cool tram-like vehicle that moves up and down the steep slope at the zoo to the top of the hill with gorgeous views of downtown Grand Rapids.

It took longer that expected to complete.  Most Funicular's have one car, but this has three, and that was a big challenge to get everything synchronized.

Once you get to the top of the "Forest Realm," you can see views of the city from an observation deck. There's also a new event center for parties and weddings. Families can also enjoy a nature trail and eventually a better view of the bear exhibit.

The funicular  was funded by the Bill and Bea Idema Foundation and will be maintained with money collected from a $3 fee each way.

Want to take a ride?  No problem but the zoo suggests you check the zoo's website, www.johnballzoosociety.org to see if it's open to the public.

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