If I had something that “triggered” me about the state of Michigan, it would be the UNGODLY car insurance rates.

I get it, we’re the only state that has unlimited lifetime coverage for medical costs caused by auto accidents, but isn’t that why we pay for insurance already?

Well according to The Detroit News, as of July the annual rate we pay is going up to $192, the highest in state history.

Want to know why we pay so much?  It’s kind of hard to explain, this is what The Detroit News said,

Michigan is the only state to require unlimited lifetime coverage for medical expenses resulting from car crashes – typically for brain, spinal cord, neck and back injuries. It also allows health providers to bill car insurers much more for care than health insurers pay.


The fee reimburses insurers for personal injury benefits exceeding $555,000 per claim. It is a $22, or 13 percent, increase above the current $170 assessment and will cover policies issued or renewed from this July through June 2019.


All I can say is so much for reducing the rates which were talked about in the state House last November and put up for a vote but failed to pass.

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