Valentine's Day is almost at hand.  And, guys, I know how challenging it can be to find the right gift for your sweetheart, especially flowers. If you're like me when I'm ordering flowers, they'll ask me what I want, and I begin to stammer!

So, here is a bit of a tutorial on flowers, courtesy of best flowers to give to the woman in your life are the flowers that tell her exactly how you feel. Be it love, friendship or that you're sorry. These flower varieties are some of the most romantic flowers you can give as well as the most popular flowers. If you're trying to impress her, sending flowers for an occasion or just letting her know that you care, seek these flowers first before all the rest.

Back in the Victorian days, flowers were meant as a way to communicate romantic language with each flower having its own meaning. You can never go wrong with roses, the sign for love, even in platonic situations like with yellow roses, which mean friendship. Tulips also signify love as well as protection while lilies and lilacs represent beauty.

What are women's favorite flowers? In terms of popularity, carnations are incredibly popular (and easier on the wallet) compared to other varieties of flowers. Sunflowers, though not a traditional choice, can brighten your girl's day as they express adoration and loyalty. On the more rare side of the spectrum, orchids stand for love, beauty and seduction but come with a sense of seriousness reserved for more developed relationships.

Whichever flower you decide to buy for your sweetheart, they are sure to please her as after all, it's the thought that's important, right? And, of course, what you say.

I'm always befuddled when it comes to adding a message to the flowers. So, here is some help with some love quotes for the card.

Here is another idea. If flowers aren't quite sweet enough, how about a discount on Customizable M&M's for Valentines Day! Just a thought.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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