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How Many Hate Groups Are In West Michigan
With the events in Charlottesville with various hate groups, It makes you wonder how prevalent is hate in our country?  We don’t have hate groups around us, do we?  I would have seen their work by now, right?
Wrong.  Huffington Post did a story about a report the Southe…
ArtPrize Artist Discusses Armenian Genocide
ArtPrize artist Mher Khachatryan has displayed work in galleries in Armenia and the United States. His ArtPrize entry "Dedicated to the victims of 1915 Genocide" aims to raise awareness of the over 1.5 million Armenians who died.
Defense Logistics Agency Feeds U.S. Troops For the Holidays
U.S. military service members deployed away from home will still enjoy a hearty Christmas meal, with all the trimmings, thanks to the efforts of Defense Logistics Agency troop support subsistence efforts.
More than 31,000 pounds of beef, 21,000 pounds of ham, 29,000 pounds of turkey, 840 gallons of e…

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