It's Time to Put Education Ahead of Michigan's Tourism Industry
Many Michigan public school students are back at school this week. Others will return after Labor Day as required by law in Michigan without a waiver.
The post-Labor Day law was created ten years ago to benefit Michigan's tourism industry.
As more days are added to the school year, it's time to waive …
Sochi Endures for its Celebrated Winter Olympics
By Holly Demaree | BSU at the Games
The Sochi Winter Olympics are 17 days of competition that ends Sunday.
For some spectators, getting to the Winter Olympics takes more than a day of constant travel, with the inconvenience and jet lag drifting away on arrival in the Black Sea resort city...
What? Another Mitten State?
Okay, someone is trying to steal our mitten.
Wisconsin is using an image of a mitten, misshapen as it is, to try to imitate the shape of the state.  The Wisconsin Department of Tourism is using it to illustrate their state in their winter tourism campaign, and it seem to be creating a bit of a buzz o…
A Fun Tour Of Michigan In 1949
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring...always a little bit of heaven here in Michigan.
Okay, almost.  110 degrees some days...snow up to here other days, but overall, we are blessed to live a state with so much beauty.