Okay, someone is trying to steal our mitten.

Wisconsin is using an image of a mitten, misshapen as it is, to try to imitate the shape of the state.  The Wisconsin Department of Tourism is using it to illustrate their state in their winter tourism campaign, and it seem to be creating a bit of a buzz on social networks Facebook and Twitter.  Come on, Michigan is the "mitten state!"

Our news partner, WZZM talked with Dave Lorenz, a manager of the state's travel office, Pure Michigan, and Lorenz said "I think it's desperation.  It's obviously mitten envy, as we call it."  He said he didn't blame Wisconsin because everybody want to have a piece of Pure Michigan!

The fun continues since the state's travel website, www.michigan.org, has a poll running through Friday where you can vote on what state you feel is the true mitten state.

Why don't we all get in on the fun.....VOTE!