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Christmas Music On The River Starts NOW
We've gotten so many emails, calls and Facebook posts asking about Christmas music!
Well, it has started!  It's CHRISTMAS ON THE RIVER!
All season, your favorite Christmas songs will be playing on 100.5 FM, on your computer at or on your smart phone with the RadioPu…
50th Anniversary Of JFK Inauguration
Has it really been 50 years since JFK's inauguration?  On January 20, 1961  President John F. Kennedy challenged a  new generation of Americans" to "ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country."
Who Says The Snow Is All Bad
There are two things you can do in the Midwest during winter; and since it's cold everywhere else, moving is no longer a good option.  The second choice is much more fun.  Get outside and get moving. Lamoreaux Park on Coit Avenue in Grand Rapids is a beautiful spot to go Cross-Countr…
Gene’s Best Burrito’s — Recipe #2
photo by Gene Parker
My wife is a great cook. She's had lots of practice over the years. I, on the other hand, am good a just a few dishes. The easier, the better! One of my favorite things to make is something called Gene's Best Burritos. I have messed with this recipe many times. It&…
The Promise Delivered!
It was 1978.  I just graduated from high school and I was going to Michigan State University when I first heard Bruce Springsteen’s  Darkness on the Edge of Town. I’d heard of Springsteen before, right?  Didn’t he do Born to run? …