It's an amazing story full of heart-breaking anguish and 23- years later "Joy, Joy, Joy!"

In 1987,  Joy White pleaded for someone to help her find her infant daughter.  White had taken baby Carlina to Harlem Hospital after the infant developed a high fever.  The mom had gone home to rest and when she returned to the hospital, her daughter was gone.

"I hope she's all right," the heartbroken mother told reporters at the time before collapsing in tears.

Now, 23 years later, White got the most amazing news.  Her phone rang on January 4 and the other end was a woman who said she was Carlina.

Growing up Carlina had some doubt about she was and who she belonged to.  She didn't look like anyone in her family and when she asked her mom for a birth certificate, her mother couldn't produce one.  Carlina did some research on the internet and found photos of her on a missing children website.   The Police were contacted and did a DNA test and it came back positive.  Joy White had her daughter back.  I can't imagine the feeling this reunion would bring or what it means to Joy and Carlina.

"Carlina was a missing link," Pat Conway, Carlina White's aunt told CNN affiliate WABC as she raised her hands in the air. "We have gotten her back. In the name of Jesus, Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah."

It still is a mystery who kidnapped Carlina.  Authorities are mum about t the woman who raised Carlina White as they continue their investigation.

"I never gave up hope," Carlina White's grandmother, Elizabeth, told WABC. "It is like she has been around us all her life. She wasn't a stranger. She fit right in."

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