FBI Warns Calvin College of ‘Education Tax’ Scam
It's the season for tax scams. One in West Michigan is targeting Calvin College students.
Wood TV 8 reports that the FBI contacted Calvin to warn of a scam in which students are contacted by phone and told they need to pay an "education tax".
Tips to Avoid IRS Scams This Tax Season
It's not hard to believe that tax season is a scary time.
We're all stressed out over tax filing. What is hard to believe is the new component of tax time, identity theft and scams. We're hearing more and more stories about peoples refunds already taken by a scammer.
A Story Grand Rapids Is Sure To Hate
Happy to see gas prices coming down. Can you believe we are happy with $3.90 gas. There are those who say the government isn't doing all it can to bring prices down because higher pump prices mean more gas tax money to Lansing. I don't know if that is true...
Taxes Down To The Wire
It's kind of like when you're running late to go somewhere, but after you lock up the house, you feel an urgent need to unlock the door and go back inside to make sure you haven't left the lights on or the stove on or the refrigerator door open or something...