The dreaded time has come.

It is almost tax season.

Some people get excited because of the potential for multiple deductions.

Well, before you get too excited about this year's deductions, make sure you don't deduct any of the following on your Michigan taxes.

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Commuting Expenses


Smart Asset says,

While business-related travel expenses (including the cost of flights and hotel stays) may be deductible, ordinary commuting expenses are not. If you take a bus, taxi, or subway to get to work each day, you can't deduct those costs on your tax return as business expenses. You may be eligible for a deduction, however, if you're paying to travel to a training session or conference held outside of your office.

Non-Qualifying Charity Donations

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Sadly, your donation to a good cause will not help you get a tax break.

Even simply giving money to a friend or family member, while a nice gesture, will not be able to get you anything for taxes.

Home Improvement Expenses

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

I know everyone loves a little upgrade on their home. But if you thought you could get a tax write-off from that, you will be sadly mistaken.

Homeowner Insurance

Even though you cannot receive deductions for paying your insurance, you can get deductions for mortgage loan points & interest, and real estate and property taxes.

Gym Memberships


So proud of you for sticking to your New Year's Resolution!

But sadly, you cannot get a tax write-off for staying committed in the gym. Now, don't let that be the reason you stop working out.

Volunteer Time

Thank you so much for your time and dedication to helping people.

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However, you may not like the next thing I say.

The IRS does allow you to deduct certain costs associated with volunteering, such as money you pay out of pocket to purchase a uniform and travel expenses that you weren't reimbursed for while volunteering away from home.

Child Support Payments

If you are the one receiving the payments, they won't be counted as taxable income. However, if you are the one sending out the payments, you cannot get an extra deduction.

Alimony payments, on the other hand, are always tax-deductible if they're made while a couple is legally separated or divorced.

Babysitter Fees


Getting a person to watch your little one will not help you with your taxes.

However, it may be deductible if you can prove that the babysitter was there while you were out volunteering at a qualifiable charity.

Pet Care


Your pets can be costly, but unfortunately, you cannot claim them as a dependent or a deduction.

But you can deduct certain animal-related expenses if you own a business or you donated pet food or toys, etc., to a qualifiable charity.

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