Get Heart Healthy and Join in on National Walking Day
National Walking Day from The American Heart Association, is encouraging all of us to lace up and get moving this coming Wednesday, April 6. Whether it’s walking, running, biking, playing sports or joining a class, the goal is getting more active.
Is Laughter Contagious? [Video]
Is laughter contagious? When you see someone laughing, do you begin laughing too?
A New York filmmaker recently conducted a social experiment on a subway car to see if laughter is actually contagious. What do you think?
Baby Stroller Falls On To Subway Tracks
Wow.  This is a heart-stopping video.  A mom was waiting at a subway platform when the baby stroller rolled away and onto the tracks.  Fortunately, the baby was strapped in.
The little girl was hospitalized for a cut on her forehead but is expected to be okay...