Your Dead Relative May Be at Goodwill
People drop off a lot of different things at their local Goodwill stores as donations. You will find everything from clothing to electronics to household items. On July 22nd, 2020, someone dropped off two urns at the Cedar Springs Goodwill store.
Making a Goodwill Donation is Easy This Saturday
Do you have a lot of items around the house that you would love to get rid of? You know, de-clutter. Of course you do.  I know we do.
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 2, Goodwill Industries of Greater Grand Rapids is making it super easy for you because you won't have to drive all your donated items…
Girl Scouts and Goodwill are Looking Your Dresses
Fun. Fashion. Civic Engagement. Eco-consciousness....all wrapped into one great dress drive led by Girl Scouts!
It's all part of the second annual "fashion-forward" program called Every Dress Has a Story - and the Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore is teaming up with Goodwill Industries…