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The World's Largest Food Truck Rally Was Filling and Fun
Saturday, September 17th, Townsquare Media and Ionia Free Fair hosted The World's Largest Food Truck Rally at the Ionia Free Fairgrounds. Thank you to all the amazing people who came out to enjoy a huge variety of great foods, drinks, desserts...we are still stuffed 24 hours later!
15 MORE Things All Grand Rapidians Should Do at Least Once
A few weeks ago we went through the 15 things that anyone who lives in Grand Rapids should do or try at least once. Obviously, we couldn't just stop at 15 considering there's so much to do in this awesome city!
So here are 15 MORE things all Grand Rapidians should do/try at least once.…
Food is Used to Make a Big Difference in Someones Life
Here is an exciting, heart-warming story of people making a difference, and using food to do it.
The owners of a food truck in New York City are giving new meaning to the term "soul food" – by taking in troubled souls from a juvenile prison to staff the place and master valuab…