Grand Rapids is the 6th Fittest City in U.S. According to Fitbit
Grand Rapids has made another list! Recently, GR has been named the hottest real estate market to watch and the second best city in the U.S. in which to start a business; now Grand Rapids is ranking high in fitness.
According to Fitbit, Grand Rapids is the sixth fittest city in America.
Consumer Alert: Choosing a Health Club in 2015
The Michigan Attorney General's Office is warning consumers to be cautious when choosing a health club in the new year.
In 2014, the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division received 61 complaints from Michigan consumers against health clubs and fitness centers.
Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies
Eat well.  Trim down. Pump iron.  It worked for years for 96 year old fitness guru and innovator of "getting healthy", Jack LaLanne.  It was however from complications of pneumonia that claimed Jack Lanne's life over the weekend.  Jack was the guy who …
Toning Shoes: Fitness or Fiction?

I won't lie, I'm ready to jump on the toning shoe bandwagon. Not the chunky ones that look mildly corrective, but the ones that get the hot guy to check you out because he's not distracted by your ugly shoes. Yeah, those.  The ads are persuasive: get in shape without going to gym,  get a workout whi…