They're calling it Energy Magic. It's pretty cool.

Get a rebate for every LED bulb you buy to replace those old incandescent bulbs that use more power.

When you leave home make sure you turn your heating/cooling system don to save energy!

City of Holland via YouTube

Magic tricks aside, I put in some LED bulbs in to replace some flood lights in my home. My energy bill dropped by $30 from one month to the next! My savings in one month covered the cost of all the blubs! Crazy right?

I'm on a tear now to replace all the incandescent lights in my house with LED bulbs. I only have a couple left to go actually, they're halogen bulbs though, and I was actually able to find them on Amazon. I just haven't pulled the trigger on purchasing them yet. But I will, soon. Right now, I need to save up for my trip to see my parents over Christmas. And though the energy savings would be nice, I don't use those lights that often. So, it won't be as huge a savings on my electric bill.

I already have a programmable thermostat so i'm good on the other one. Though, with our (hopefully large tax return) I want to get an energy efficient unit as my unit was new in the 80s. Which is obviously no good.

What are some ways you save money around your house, leave a comment below!

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