It's a fine line between snow and rain in West Michigan, but judging by the flood by my back door, that was quite a storm that rolled through here in the last 24 hours.

So, if it were just a bit colder, how much snow would we be shoveling by now?

The standard is generally ten inches of snow for every inch of rain, so that means the latest system, which  dumped .94 of an inch of rain at Ford Airport would have dropped 9.4 inches of snow (and counting).

However, there are several factors that influence the rain to snow ratio, including temperature. The one inch of rain to 10 inches of snow is the ratio when the temperature is at around 30 degrees.

If you drop the temperature a little lower with the same amount of humidity, that 10 inches of snow can become 15, so at a ten degree drop to 25 degrees, the recent storm could have dropped 14.1 inches on the Grand Rapids metro.

There are some of you who are very happy about the warm temps keeping the snow at bay, but a winter warrior like myself is highly disappointed. Just think of the cross country skiing I could have done!

As it stands now, the only thing I can do is go outside and dance...

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