You know the holiday season has arrived when the new Starbucks holiday cups do. Really, some people can't wait for the holiday cups, and now they're here.

No, not the one above that everyone panned. Yuck! The new ones shout HOLIDAYS! posted the exciting story of the four new holiday cup designs all inspired by gift-giving. The designs include the chain's famous red hue with hints of green and white, plus a new lilac accent color to brighten up the winter days.

They describe it as each design being reminiscent of a different step in the holiday gift-giving and decorating process. One looks like wrapping paper with a colorful geometric patter and another has pieces of ribbon and sparkles—similar to what your floor looks like after doing your last-minute gift wrapping. The third cup has holiday lights, with bold, graphic letters spelling out Starbucks, while the last one displays diagonal stripes that look like a candy cane.

Now that makes the holiday season feel better, doesn't it!

By the way, you can make each cup a gift, too. Each cup has a blank "gift tag" printed on them, so you can gift someone with maybe a Peppermint Mocha or Sugar Cookie Latte. Just a thought.

Of course you can buy reusable drinkware. They have their new candy cane tumblers, metallic spiked tumblers, and jewel-toned cups to take home with you.

'Tis the season, indeed.


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