With Solo: A Star Wars Story failing to connect with audiences around the galaxy, there is a big question looming over the Star Wars universe like an Imperial ship swooping over a camera: What happens next to the Star Wars anthology films? There are unconfirmed reports of a Boba Fett movie and maybe a solo Obi-Wan movie. But beyond that, we’ve got nothing. And, theoretically, anything could happen.

That limitless sense of possibilities inspired the video above, where ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey pitches eight different ideas for eight different spinoffs from the main Star Wars series. Yes, the Obi-Wan movie is in there, of course. But he’s got some other ideas you might never have considered before, including a few that would take Star Wars in totally new directions in terms of tone, content, and even graphic violence. They’re all really good ideas, whether or not Lucasfilm ever uses them. (And if Lucasfilm does want to use them, they can work out a residuals agreement with our lawyers very easily.)

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