Last week, Spectrum Health revealed the top boys names of 2012.

Liam was the top name for boys at Spectrum Health in 2012.  It was the first time Liam cracked the top ten.  Liam ranked 19th in 2011.

43 boys were named Liam in 2012, earning Liam the top ranking.

View the complete top ten and tell us your favorite from 2012.

Creativity is one of many factors that go into choosing a baby's name.  But creative names seem to be a little more common with girls than boys.  One look at the top boys names of 2012 from Spectrum Health and you'll see that traditional boys names remain popular in West Michigan.

Here are the leading boys names from Spectrum Health for 2012.

10 - William

9 - Owen

8 - Benjamin

7 - Isaac

6 - Landon

5 - Jackson

4 - Gabriel

3 - Jacob

2 - Noah

1 - Liam

A combination of long-time classics and a few newcomers in 2012's most popular list for boys.

Which is YOUR favorite?