There are so many sad and tragic stories surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic running through the world today. However, there are always stories of the amazing survivors, so let me tell you one of them. A Story about one tough lady!

WZZM/Jason Braverman (11Alive)
WZZM/Jason Braverman (11Alive)

Her name is Bea Linblad and she is 104! Her age is amazing enough, but she has been through a lot in her lifetime. In particular, two global pandemics.

Bea Lindblad was born Aug. 3, 1916, in Racine, Wisconsin. She was the youngest of three daughters born to Ane Kistine and Jens Christian Larsen.

The website, says they were Danish immigrants from Denmark. Her sisters were Ellen and Marie. Ellen lived a long life, living until 91 and having 10 children. Tragically, Marie died of meningitis when she was only 13. Bea grew up on a farm near Sturdevent, Wisconsin.When she was 2 years old, she had and survived the Spanish flu. When she was 103 she had and survived COVID-19.

As a young woman she met Elliot Nelson Lindblad when she sang in a choir he directed at the Union Tabernacle Church in Racine. He was the love of her life and they married on January 18, 1940. Though they never had children, they enjoyed a long and very happy marriage.

According to her niece, Barbara Nash, Lindblad tested positive for COVID-19 and had it for many weeks with no symptoms.

Monday morning, her family members from all over the country celebrated with her over Zoom. The call included nieces and nephews, great nieces and nephews and great-great nieces and nephews.

She lost her husband, Elliott, in 1978. She has lived in Atlanta since the 1940s.

Happy Birthday Bea! You are amazing and an inspiration to us all!


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