Woodtv.com reports that this morning the Grand Rapids City Commission rejected a proposal to conduct a $50,000 study to see if Sixth Street Bridge should become a pedestrian-only bridge.

Should Sixth Street Bridge only be open to pedestrians?

Sixth Street Bridge is 536 feet long. It is the longest and oldest metal truss bridge in Michigan and there are not many left like it in the entire country. The bridge was built in 1886 for $31,000.

There were plans for demolition of the bridge in 1975, but those plans never went through. Today, possible plans include making it a pedestrians-only bridge, but the Grand Rapids City Commission rejected a study which would have further looked into the proposal.

Sixth Street Bridge is a landmark in downtown Grand Rapids. It is also a little tight for traffic at times when large vehicles cross the bridge in opposite directions.

What is the best use of Sixth Street Bridge?

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