Summer is unoffically over and students are back in school.

Summer lasts longer than it used to for many students.  Since 2006, Michigan law requires public schools to wait until after Labor Day to begin school.

Should school start before or after Labor Day?




The idea behind the law, which passed in 2005 under Jennifer Granholm, was to extend the tourism season in Michigan.  Supporters said extending tourism season would give a boost to Michigan's economy.  Others argued that local school districts should be allowed to decide for themselves when to begin school.

The idea of boosting Michigan's tourism industry and economy is a nice one, but is forcing schools to start at a time when they might not wish to the best way to achieve that goal?

Schools that start earlier may end earlier and provide a boost to tourism in late spring/early summer.  Extending the school year isn't bad for kids.  Neither is starting after Labor Day.

The decision on when to start and end school should be based on what is good for our kids, not what is good for our tourism industry.  It should be decided by local school districts.

When do you think school should start?