Pure Michigan's latest campaign involves a lip dub created by Rob Bliss and Jeff Barrett of Status Creative.  Bliss and Barrett traveled across Michigan visiting 50 cities in 10 days, including Grand Rapids.

The lip dub will debut September 9.

We first told you about the road trip and video a couple of weeks ago.  The video was set to debut September 5, but some late changes have pushed back the debut.  Mlive.com has more:

The creators of the video said that the date was pushed back due to a big partnership they recently secured, which will be announced Wednesday.

“We moved it to [Sept. 9] last week when we added a great partner for the debut,” said Jeff Barrett, co-owner of Status Creative, the grouped charged with coordinating and producing the project. “[We] can’t reveal [the partner]. It’s going to be part of a fantastic event. We are announcing the details [Wednesday].”

Looking forward to seeing the video and seeing Grand Rapids get a few more seconds in the spotlight.


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