Singer Carly Rae Jepsen has a new, single out.

The Canadian artist had her first monster hit, "Call Me Maybe," a couple of years ago.

Now, with her sophomore album out, it looks like she might have another hit on her hands.

"I Really Like You" could be it, and possibly because of the video starring Tom Hanks!

Yes, THE Tom Hanks.

The video features Hanks through his daily routine as he lip syncs Jepsen’s lyrics, charming absolutely everyone.

The video also features an appearance by Justin Bieber, who appears with both Hanks and Jepsen during a choreographed dance at the end.

After the video premiered Friday on, Jepsen told People magazine: "After shooting the video I am still in happy shock. Tom was hilarious and though it was absolutely freezing he kept our spirits up by shouting 'huddle together now –- like penguins.'"

"I Really Like You" is the first single from Jepsen’s new album, which will be out this summer.

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