With the constant stress and bad news regarding COCID-19, it's time to find some happy, fun stuff. Well, nothing says happy and fun like baseball. And nothing says happy and fun like a big time major league baseball game and the vendors selling their food and drinks through out the stands!

Okay then, here is more fun, because Tom Hanks just picked up a new COVID-era side hustle as a hot dog vendor -- well, sort of.

Turns out that Hanks is a big fan of the Oakland A's, so he's recorded a series of messages imitating a ballpark frank flinger. The Okaland A's love it so much that they plan to have his "flinger messages" piped into the team's stadium during this season's fan-free games.

This is so cool. His shouted sales pitches will alternate with fake crowd noise that will also be played over the PA system.

The Oscar winner's lines include gems like, “Not a ballgame without a hot dog! Who wants a hot dog?”

Check it out. It's way too much fun!



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