Theater in Grand Rapids just keeps growing.   And it's encouraging to see quality theater begin at the school level.

Forest Hills Central High School, long known for quality productions, bring Shakespeare to the stage with his hilarious comedy, "Midsummer Night's Dream."

Now, Shakespeare is not always easy to understand, and only the true fan usually appreciates his plays. That is why this performance is using the Barron’s Shakespeare Made Easy script so that cast, crew, and audience will thoroughly understand and enjoy the unbelievable comedy.

Shakespeare for Dummies?  Sort of, but it will give all audiences a chance to appreciate his wonderful, yet difficult to understand, work.

The play opened last night at the Forest Hill Central Auditorium, and there are two more performances, tonight and tomorrow night, November 9 and 10.

Curtain times are 7:30 PM, in the FHC Auditorium.  Tickets are General Admission for only $7.00, and $5.00 for Senior Citizens.