We love West Michigan and all of the sights, sounds and smells it brings throughout the year. Well, at least most of the smells.

What if you could take all of those smells home with you in a scented candle?

Here's what it would smell like if you could.

Locally-inspired candle scents seem to be popular right now. Michigan has its own candle which smells like "indian summers, cherries, and chocolate."

Western Michigan University football got its own "clean cotton" scented candle to celebrate their excellent season and trip to the Cotton Bowl.

It's only a matter of time before Grand Rapids and other West Michigan cities get candles too. Here's what to expect.

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    Visits to downtown Coopersville often include a ride on the Coopersville/Marne train. It's a memory that will stick with you. The smell from the 1200 horsepower 50s-era diesel engine will stick with you too. Add that to the smell from the landfill at the Coopersville exit off of I-96 and you'd be better off avoiding this candle.

    Coopersville's candle smells like train exhaust mixed with a landfill.

  • Matt Milhouse, TSM

    Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids' candle combines a few scents. You'll recognize the mouth-watering smell of souvlaki which has been made famous by Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church's food booth at Festival of the Arts.

    You'll also smell pothole repair mix, beer, road salt and disgust. The disgust is inspired by the feeling you get when ArtPrize reveals the public vote finalists.

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    Lowell's candle is a seasonal one. Unfortunately, it's been biodigester season lately.

    Luckily, biodigester season is ending and Lowell residents will soon celebrate with a new, odorless candle.

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    Byron Center

    Ever take a drive down 76th St. near Byron Center Ave? You'll notice quite a few churches. You'll see the same along 68th St. and the same along 84th St. and the same...

    Byron Center's candle smells like church pews.


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    East Grand Rapids

    With the highest per capita income in the area, EGR's candle has a very rich smell. It smells like money and taxes.

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    Rockford has been home to Wolverine, the shoes and boots maker, for over 100 years. Rockford's candle smells like leather and Pepto-Bismol in honor of those who have eaten 12 hot dogs to get their name on the wall at Corner Bar.

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    Grandville's candle smells like sweet pretzels, cologne and soap to remind you of the strongest smells you'll experience as you walk through RiverTown Crossings.

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    Ionia has been celebrating summer with the Ionia Free Fair for over 100 years. Ionia's candle smells like elephant ears and deep fried everything.

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    Comstock Park

    Comstock Park is home to the West Michigan Whitecaps and Fifth Third Ballpark. You'll find baseball and heavy traffic all summer long.

    Comstock Park's candle smells like hot dogs and traffic jams.

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    Holland's candle would be a best seller, especially during long winters when we are just hoping of a taste of spring.

    Holland's candle smells like tulips.

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    The town nicknamed "Michigan's Salad Bowl" is also famous for Hudsonville Ice Cream. However, the ice cream is gone since Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream moved their headquarters to Holland.

    Hudsonville's candle smells like a salad with no dessert.

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    Drive through Sparta and you might not see a lot of people, but you will see a lot of apple orchards.

    Sparta's candle smells like apples.