One of Grand Rapids "favorite sons," Sam Stryke, has what I think is a stunning entry in ArtPrize.

Sam, who lives in Chicago now, is a wonderful composer and performer who regularly comes back to Grand Rapids for concerts.

Remember, Sam composed the music for the famous Bud Light commercials....."hey, Mr. my shorts are too tight man," etc.

Anyway, Sam's entry is audio, a piece that he composed about the history of Grand Rapids, and it is truly unique.  You'll find it at St. Cecilia Music Center.

There, you go to the listening stations to hear the compositions entered and vote for your favorites, along with watching some live performances.  Sam, by-the-way, is performing live this Saturday night, September 22 at 7:30.

He has produced a You Tube video that you must watch to understand what he is doing, and to get the full effect.  At St. Cecilia, you'll only be able to hear the audio track, so watch the video here to truly understand the beauty of Sam's work.


So cool, right?  What a beautifully, haunting piece it is.

So let's get out the vote! During your ArtPrize adventure, make sure you stop by St. Cecilia and check out the competition, and then vote for Sam!