We've seen it before and we'll see it again. People do crazy things and this gender reveal party was an epic fail.

A couple decided to mix the TikTok milk crate challenge (which has now been banned on the app) with their gender reveal party. What could go wrong, right?

The NYPost.com website posted the story of one knuckleheaded couple doing, or rather trying, the combination.

For the (perhaps gratefully) uninitiated, the viral Milk Crate Challenge involves trying to ascend a staircase-like stack of plastic boxes. While seemingly simple on its face, the stunt generally results in the participant falling from a dangerous height and potentially injuring themselves, which has resulted in the high jinks getting banned on TikTok.

The dad-to-be climbed the crates holding a container that had either blue or pink powder. As you can probably predict, he starts to wobble at the half-way point, and, well, see for yourself.

Fortunately, dad was okay, although a bit bruised, ego and all. And, oh, by the way, as you could see, IT'S A BOY!

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