So long, S.S. Keewatin, it was a great ride.

I'm really sad to see such a grand lady of the Great Lakes leave West Michigan.  The Great Lakes Passenger steamship will be moved from Michigan to Ontario, Canada.

In it's day, cruising the Great Lakes was exciting.  Okay, it wasn't the ocean, but the ports you could visit from Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and that's just Lake Michigan, were fun, and affordable, for the entire family.

It has been 40 plus years that the 350-foot steamship has been in the Saugatuck/Douglas area as a tourist attraction.  It was always fun to take a tour and re-live cruising the Great Lakes of the past.

The  final tour of the 350-foot steamship was this weekend on Lake Kalamazoo in Douglas, and now, it's on to Canada.

Skyline International Development Co. bought the Keewatin and is moving it from Lake Kalamazoo to Port McNicoll next spring where it will become a permanent maritime museum.  Port McNicoll is the Keewatin's original port.

The ship is a classic.  It was built in 1907 in Scotland.

Ah.....fond memories.  Bye, bye.

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