Thursday will be a sad day for diner fans, especially Rosie's Diner in Rockford.


Rosie's Diner has been closed since late last year and the property will be auctioned off this Thursday.

The property is listed on for $25,000.

There are three diner cars on the property.  The main car gained fame as the backdrop for Bounty Paper Towel commercials. Let's step back in time for one of those famous commercials.

In 1991, Jerry Berta bought, and moved it from New Jersey to 14 Mile road in Rockford.  Berta actually bought two at the time and used one as an art studio for his "diner art" sculptures, and the other as the famous "Rosie's Diner."  It was a big hit for years always serving that famous "diner comfort food."

Now, there are three cars.  One was turned into a bar and the third car was made into an ice cream shop.

The 4 1/2 acre site also features a miniature golf course.

Maybe a new owner will re-open Rosie's.  It was a great spot.  One can only hope.

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