This will either be the newest fashion craze or the newest punchline.

Ladies and gentlemen -- especially gentlemen -- please feast your eyes on the RompHim, a romper designed for grown men. You know, in case any grown men out there want to dress like a little boy.


The RompHim has a KickStarter page where you can learn more, if you're into being educated about this sort of thing. The company easily passed its $10,000 goal, proving there must be some market for grown men who want to show off their inner three-year-old.

It comes with a zipper in the front for when a man has to do man's business in the bathroom, even though he's dressed like someone just asking to be beaten up by a real man.

The RompHim comes in four colors -- red chambray, blue chambray, splatter print cotton and a special edition Fourth of July theme -- none of which do much to disqualify the notion that this is ugly.

As you may have suspected, Twitter has some thoughts on the RompHim.

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