Congrats to the Rockford Marching Band, who looked awesome Thursday morning on NBC as part of the 91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

If you were watching the parade, you definitely saw the band, as my social media feeds blew up with people excited to see a piece of home on the national stage.

According to WOODTV, over 1,000 people including band members, school staff, chaperones, and parents made the trip to New York for the parade and they even told WOODTV they made a stop by Central Park and left people impressed.

Band member Taylor Derosia told WOODTV:

“We played our show music and it was super fun because even New Yorkers were stopping us and they’d be like ‘you guys are amazing, and all that hard work pays off,’ and we’re like, ‘we are amazing, let’s go!'”

The WOODTV story goes on to say that the members of the Rockford Marching Band spent a year and a half preparing for this lifetime memory.

The band returned home Saturday afternoon to a huge crowd of proud parents and community supporters.

Thanks for representing West Michigan so well, Rockford Marching Band!  You guys looked great!

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