Residents of a small village in Michigan have the longest average commute to work of any city in Michigan. 

Business Insider says the Village of Almont has the longest average commute in Michigan with a time of 40.5 minutes.

Almont is about 38 miles east of Flint and 48 miles north of Detroit. The long average commute isn't a surprise. Those with the longest commutes from Almont could easily take over an hour. While those working closer bring the average back down.

It's a small town, for sure. The Village of Almont has celebrated a village homecoming every five years since 1909. The latest news on their website talks about "a new drop box, located in front of our building." The village motto "Moving in the Right Direction" is a little confusing considering how many residents have long commutes.

The report goes on to list the city with the longest average commute for each state. Most of the cities on the list lie outside of major cities. The city with the longest average commute in the country is Saw Creek, Pennsylvania, with a time of 65.6 minutes.

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