GM is recalling over 300,000 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups in the United States..

The recall is to reprogram software that may cause exhaust components to overheat and catch fire.  Eight fires have been caused by the problem, but no one has been injured.

Of special note is that GM says all the fires had occurred in very cold places (obviously, West Michigan is one!) and it wanted to caution against leaving trucks running unattended.

The trucks included are:

  • 2014 Model with either 4.3L and 5.3L engine
  • Trucks with 6.2 liter engines are NOT being recalled

Signs to watch out for include a continuous yellow "check engine light" and an "engine power reduced" message in your display.  If you own one of these trucks, you should contact the dealer for an appointment.

More info is available HERE from CNN.