While Colossal may not have broken box office records, it was a welcome reminder that Anne Hathaway deserved better than all the irrational hate we'd levied at her for the past few years. In fact, as Lauren Duca recently pointed out on Twitter, now would be a perfect time revisit our opinions of the actress altogether, dating all the way back to her breakout role in The Princess Diaries. I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that now that we’re learning to appreciate Hathaway again, we’re suddenly getting talk of another Princess Diaries movie. These strange things happen all the time.

In a recent interview with Entertainment WeeklyThe Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot confirmed that there is some interest in Hollywood in making a third movie in the franchise, noting that she’s read at least one draft of a screenplay. Here’s the little bit of information that Cabot could let slip about the film:

I would love to sit and talk about [it], but I can’t. I’m not allowed. But it’s really more following the movie than the books, so if she — the last version I read, she definitely did not find out that she has a biracial younger sister … which I personally would’ve thought was hilarious, but that was not the direction they were going.

That plot point refers to Cabot’s original book series, which the author describes as “two separate universes” with their own rules and fans. While another Princess Diaries movie may seem like an odd choice - after all, it’s been nearly 13 years since the second installment in the series - it’s important to remember that the first two movies made a combined $300 million at the box office. There’s nothing so alluring to Hollywood executives as a proven concept with a built-in audience, so I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before we see another Princess Diaries movie hit the big screen. And if Hathaway wants to return? Let’s welcome her back with open arms.

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