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‘Princess Diaries’ Author Says a Third Movie Might Happen
While Colossal may not have broken box office records, it was a welcome reminder that Anne Hathaway deserved better than whatever rom-com hell we’d locked her in for the past few years. In fact, as Lauren Duca recently pointed out on Twitter, now would be a perfect time revisit our opinions of the actress altogether, dating all the way back to her breakout role in The Princess Diaries. I mean, it can’t be a coincidence that now that we’re learning to appreciate Hathaway again, we’re suddenly getting talk of another Princess Diaries movie. These strange things happen all the time.
Movie Preview of “The Intern” [Video]
It's difficult to find good 'adult' movies playing these days. Typically, Hollywood make movies for the somewhat younger crowd because they are the ones buying the tickets. And that can cut the rest of us out. By-the-way, I don't mean that kind of adult movie.