LMFAO did the original song "Sexy and I Know It" but there's one Grand Rapids mom who has taken sexy to a whole other level.    Tommee Profitt, filmed the video and Angela stars in, "Pregnant And I Know It."  Angela's a pregnant Grand Rapids mom and happens to be the nation's latest youTube sensation.  I'm usually not into these "mommy" videos because they end up looking stupid.  But this one is charming, creative, funny and very well written and filmed.

How fun, and embarrassing will this be, for the baby on the way, to have this video in his or her memory box.  Might be entertaining to break out on prom night, 18 years from now!

The parody has very fun and creative lyrics that I'm sure lots of moms-to-be can relate to; but, one of my favorite parts in the video is near the end when Angela says, "You know why I don't wanna finish this? Because I don't want no one to see it."  So far, as of Sunday afternoon, 307,116 thousand people have watched and are lovin' it!  So much for no one seeing it Angela;)  Check it out Grand Rapids own, Angela Profitt, Pregnant And She Knows It!

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